Everything You Can Do in the Garden Without Actually Gardening

Everything You Can Do in the Garden Without Actually Gardening
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Format: Hardback, 216 Pages
ISBN: 9780711230378
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
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This book is not about gardening but about what to do when that is done (or not done, as the case may be). Philippa Lewis looks at how people have enjoyed their gardens over the centuries, combining quotations from the many words written on the subject with contemporary illustrations.

You will find here some very imaginative ideas for garden use. You might, for instance, like to sit naked in the summer house, reciting passages from Milton's Paradise Lost, as William Blake did with his wife. Or perhaps you could create a menagerie (complete with wombats, armadilloes and a zebu), as D.G. Rossetti did in his Chelsea garden. Parties, shooting, follies, grottoes, drawing - the notions of what a garden can be used for are endlessly various.

What gardener would not want to lay down their fork and take up this book, to be reminded of all the pleasures there are in being out of doors?

The author

Philippa Lewis is a picture researcher, author and editor. Previous publications include Details: A Guide to House Design in Britain. She is married to the painter Miles Thistlethwaite and lives in Somerset. Visit Philippa's website at

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Format: Hardback, 216 Pages
ISBN: 9780711230378
Illustrations: 100 illustrations in colour and black and white
Size: 6.299 in x 8.268 in / 160 mm x 210 mm

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