The Big Book of Soccer by Mundial

The Big Book of Soccer by Mundial
Illustrated by:
Format: Hardback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9780711249103
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Dive into the world of football with this mega book of everything to do with the beautiful game. Learn all the lingo from the essential phrases to the bizarre jargon. Meet the greatest players, managers and teams of all time from both the men's and women's games. There are masterclasses from the pros; learn to take a slide tackle like Nesta, bicycle-kick like Zlatan and shoot like Ji So-Yun. Wander through the haircut hall of fame and learn the most iconic goal celebrations. This is an essential guide to the wonderful world of football.
The Basics and the Lingo

History of Football 

     The Game Through Time

     The Greatest Teams of All Time

     Football Boots Past to Present 

     The Evolution of The Ball 

The Great Players

 Legendary Managers and how they did it 

     The Key Positions 

     Managers and Formations 

The Big Cups

Amazing Stadiums

Coolest Kits

How to...  

     Take the Perfect Shot... Like Ji So-yun 

     Make the Perfect Slide Tackle… Like Alessandro Nesta

     Take the Perfect Set Piece… Like David Beckham 

     Play the Perfect Long Ball... Like Xabi Alonso 

     Take Penalties... Like Matt Le Tissier

     Do Nutmegs... Like Luis Suarez

     Have the Perfect First Touch... Like Dennis Bergkamp 

     Play the Perfect Through Ball... Like Xavi

     Beat the Offside Trap... Like Fernando Torres

     Do the Perfect Attacking Header... Like Didier Drogba

     Do the Perfect Defensive Header... Like Kalidou Koulibaly 

Weird and Wonderful



    The Big and the Small

     Football Lingo from Around the World: A Stir Fried Aeroplane

More than the Game 

     Respect the Referee 

     Who’s Who? 

     The Match Day 

     Crowds and Chants 

The author

MUNDIAL is a sharp, funny, stylish, irreverent, and nostalgic Football Magazine. It has a print circulation of 42,000, and is
stocked across three continents - in 200 stores in the USA, 225 in the UK and 50 in ANZ.
They have collaborated with a number of brands such as Adidas and Nike, and recently
partnered with US team LA Galaxy to produce a guide to fan and football culture.

DAMIEN WEIGHILL is an illustrator from the North East of England, based in London. Damien creates illustrations that are full of ideas (of both the smart and the joyfully silly kind). His worked has been used by all sorts of publications, museums and brands including Adidas, V&A, the Guardian, The Times, Google, The New Statesman, Cadbury and New York Magazine.

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Format: Hardback, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9780711249103
Size: 10.079 in x 12.205 in / 256 mm x 310 mm