Today Will Be a Great Day!

Slimy Oddity's Guide to Happiness

Today Will Be a Great Day!
Format: Hardback, 80 Pages
ISBN: 9780711269026
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Let love and light into your life with this vivid illustrated guide to happiness.

Containing simple yet profound affirmations this highly giftable small hardback will help you develop a mindful practise that builds joy and contentment.

Whether in observing the beauty of the natural world or developing a creative habit, this book teaches you to be thankful for the present moment.

The cool and contemporary artwork from Instagram artists Slimy Oddity convey ancient and fundamental pieces of wisdom for fostering positivity in a way that is fresh, fun, and on-trend.

The immediacy of the affirmations will help you concentrate on wellness and mindfulness, and the colours, fun blob characters and simplicity of the text means it can also be an introduction to mindfulness.
Let the magic of the universe into your life, and remember that Today Will Be a Great Day!

The author

Slimy Oddity are a collective based in Singapore, who have built an impressive and entirely organic following. With 124k Instagram followers, and reaching in excess of 1 million unique accounts a month, Slimy Oddity sell their prints, totes and other merchandise through their online store. As well as their online following, Slimy Oddity recently illustrated an LA Times cover, and have featured in various artist exhibitions.

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Format: Hardback, 80 Pages
ISBN: 9780711269026
Size: 6.496 in x 6.496 in / 165 mm x 165 mm