Tattoo Symbol and Meanings

Tattoo by Jack Watkins

Symbol and Meanings

Format: Hardback, 92 Pages
ISBN: 9780785834458
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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Feed your tattoo obsession with a pain free dose of body art inspiration with this intriguing and comprehensive collection!

You love tattoos, they are artistic, rebellious, individual, tribal - and fantastically creative. And any one with body art knows that once you've got the ink bug, there's no going back! This enticing book explores more than 80 classic tattoo designs, providing inspiration for anyone thinking of getting a tattoo and revealing the deep meaning, origin, and often quirky history behind each one.

Skin art has existed throughout the ages, and tattoos remain a popular form of self-expression today. This illustrated book showcases tattoo art that has a connection to culture and the past. One of the oldest tattoos in this book is that of an abstract design found on the mummified body of an Egyptian priestess of the XI Dynasty. You will also find within; the tiki-a tattoo based on the Maori's carvings in New Zealand, a Native American turtle, Japanese cherry blossoms, an Irish shamrock, and many more beautiful and unique tattoos.

Whether you're a decorated lover of tats, or you harbor a secret desire to get inked, you will delight in the many designs and their meanings provided. With one tattoo per page, accompanied by a detailed explanation and history, and printed on high quality paper with a special binding, Tattoo will satisfy your tattoo obsession until your next trip to the shop!

Jack Watkins is a regular contributor to publications such as BBC History, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Heritage Today and National Trust Magazine, writing on history, the arts and conservation. He is also the author of The World's Worst Inventions. He lives in Southern England.

Format: Hardback, 92 Pages
ISBN: 9780785834458
Size: 7.875 in x 10.625 in / 200.02 mm x 269.88 mm