Guns of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum

Guns of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum
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Format: Hardback, 304 Pages
ISBN: 9780785835325
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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Guns of NRA National Sporting Arms Museum is packed with beautiful photographs of the exhibition guns and  show collections on loan from the Remington Arms Company factory.

Guns of NRA National Sporting Arms Museum features the most common and popular sporting arms in America pictured side-by-side with some of the greatest firearm rarities, including:
  • Historic arms owned and used by Presidents, Olympic champions, Medal of Honor recipients, European royalty, and the lawmen and outlaws of the Old West.
  • Great guns and art from the Remington factory collection.
  • The finest examples of firearms engraving and custom guns.
  • Prototype and one-of-a-kind guns, including bizarre firearm curiosa.
These guns reflect the three-part theme of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops:

HUNTING: A timeline of four centuries of hunting arms in America including the primitive arms of the earliest explorers and settlers, buffalo guns, early repeaters, and long rifles and plains rifles, along with more modern arms from the classic bolt action rifles and pump shotguns of the 20th century through the most modern AR type and other semi-auto guns of today.

CONSERVATION: The story of the conservation movement in America, highlighted by the guns of Theodore Roosevelt and company.

FREEDOM: American military arms from the 1770s through the 21st century.

They all are from the collection of America’s most-visited firearms museum, which welcomed over one million visitors in its first three and a half years of operation.  

The author

Jim Supica is the Director of the NRA Museums, including the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax VA and the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield MO. He is the author or co-author of numerous books and articles on antique and collectible guns and firearms history. He co-hosts the NRA Gun Gurus TV show on Outdoor Channel, and appears regularly on American Rifleman TV, NRA News, and Gun Stories. Jim has appeared as a firearms expert on shows on History, PBS, CSPAN, Travel and Military Channels among others. Jim is a former member of the NRA Board of Directors, and Past President of both the S&W Collectors Association and the Missouri Valley Gun Collectors Association.

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Format: Hardback, 304 Pages
ISBN: 9780785835325
Illustrations: 100+ images
Size: 11.25 in x 9 in / 285.75 mm x 228.6 mm

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