The Bible Book by Book

The Bible Book by Book
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Format: Hardback, 432 Pages
ISBN: 9780785835387
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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Reading the bible has never been easier or through a more analytical eye. The Bible Book by Book helps not only to read the bible, but encourages readers to knowledgeably understand and interpret the scriptures.

The King James Holy Bible contains 39 books in the old Testament, 27 books in the New Testament, and 14 books of the Apocrypha. This book presents each and every book of the Bible, with a short essential story synopsis, followed by a commentary for study and understanding.  Finally, each book has a chapter by chapter summary in an easy to use table form.

Biblical scripture offers many pearls of wisdom, and in this new reading, some of the most beautifully written books are analyzed in depth.  Story, analysis, and commentary are covered on the events and lessons in each book to give readers the big picture. 

Illustrated with black and white images, this is an essential reference guide for all Bible users–whether students or churchgoers; enabling anyone to get the most out of the Bible

The author

Richenda Milton-Daws studied English Literature at Oxford University before embarking on a career in publishing. For more than 30 years she has worked on a wide variety of publications, mainly textbooks and reference works.  She studied for a Masters degree in Theology at London University and in 2011 was licensed as a Lay Minister (Reader) in the Church of England. In this role, she preaches, teaches, and leads worship on a regular basis. She has recently been appointed editor of The Reader, the magazine for Licensed Lay Ministers in the Churches of England and Wales.

For the past six years, Richenda has been a director of ArtServe, a charity with the aim of enabling use of creative arts in worship and spiritual growth. She edited ArtServe magazine for five years and is now chair of the organization.


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Format: Hardback, 432 Pages
ISBN: 9780785835387
Size: 5.937 in x 9 in / 150.81 mm x 228.6 mm