Learn to Play Harmonica

Illustrated Techniques for Blues, Rock, Country, and Jazz

Learn to Play Harmonica
Format: Kit, 96 Pages
ISBN: 9780785835547
Publisher: Chartwell Books
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Now is your chance to learn to play the harmonica with this all-in-one kit! Learn to play Harmonica comes with lessons, instructional CD, and your own harmonica.

There's something about a harmonica that brings a smile to anyone's face. This is your chance to play harmonica with local musicians, solo on stage, or by yourself for the love of music. Learn to Play Harmonica gives you everything you need to learn to play this fantastic instrument, and learn quickly.

This all-inclusive instructional guide come with a 200-page instructional booklet and a 10-hold, diatonic harmonica. Each chapter features clear instruction to playing songs and licks for you to enjoy working on. 

This stylish design of the book, along with the interior photographs, illustrations, and diagrams make the learning process simple and fun for beginners. Having fun is the best way to learn, and this book is designed to make the process fun as it is engaging!

The author

Sandy Weltman is a harmonica virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist who learned much of his progressive harmonica style from harmonica pioneer Howard Levy, and has since gained international recognition in his own right. As an educator, Sandy has had the pleasure of sharing his harmonica expertise for over 30 years with literally thousands of students.

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Format: Kit, 96 Pages
ISBN: 9780785835547
Size: 5.875 in x 8.75 in / 149.22 mm x 222.25 mm