Human Anatomy Wallchart

The Muscular System

Human Anatomy Wallchart
Format: Poster, 1 Pages
ISBN: 9780857624758
Publisher: Quad Books
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Building on established and highly successful anatomy titles, this durable wall chart presents detailed, full-color anatomical illustrations at a large scale alongside clear explanatory labels.The chart is the ideal study aid for all those learning about human anatomy, whether as part of studies in medicine, sports science, or related healthcare topics.
Showing both the front and back views of the super cial muscular system, this chart illustrates and labels individual muscles, alongside introductory text and detailed illustrations of the di erent muscle types.
The format and approach of this chart can be applied across all anatomy topics, and additional titles in this series will look in detail at other body systems such as the skeletal system.

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Format: Poster, 1 Pages
ISBN: 9780857624758
Size: 20.472 in x 29.921 in / 520 mm x 760 mm