101 Problems for the Armchair Scientist

How Do Headphone Wires Get So Tangled?

101 Problems for the Armchair Scientist
Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780857625076
Publisher: Quad Books
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Is running always faster than walking? If you froze your hand in liquid nitrogen and hit it with a hammer, would it shatter? Could you survive in a falling elevator by jumping as it hit the ground? Why can’t a fly get out of the toilet? Packed with scientific conundrums and thought-provoking scenarios, this fascinating foray into the world of science tackles some perplexing problems that have baffled even the world's most scientific brains. Featuring 101 imaginative scenarios from everyday life to the human body, from the natural world to outer space such as; Why can an ant can survive in a microwave? Why do some people sneeze when they see bright light? Why does it take longer for a ball to come down than go up? Have a go at solving the conundrums, then check your answers against the scientific reasons and theories provided by some of history's greatest scientists.

The author

JOEL LEVY is a writer and journalist specialising in history and science. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including Newton's NotebookGreat ScientistsMad Science (revealing the secret histories of madness, magic, and mysticism among great inventors and scientists), The Doomsday Book (a guide to scenarios for the end of civilisation), History's Lost Treasures, and the forthcoming History's Worst Battles. He has also written features and articles for the national press, and has appeared on national television and numerous local and national radio shows. A long-term student of the history of science and medicine, Joel has a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MA in Psychology.

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Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780857625076
Illustrations: Illustrations
Size: 6.102 in x 8.189 in / 155 mm x 208 mm

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