An Illustrated History of Medicine

A Medical Exploration in Fifty Objects

An Illustrated History of Medicine
Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780857625113
Publisher: Quad Books
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The Illustrated History of Medicine takes readers on a 12,000-year journey by exploring fifty objects that open windows onto different aspects of medical history. This incredible assortment of medical artifacts show the progress of modern medicine, and the ways in which people view disease.

Fascinating for those in the medical field, or not, objects are profiled in detail, and listed chronologically. Inside you'll find:

-A Neolithic Trapanned Skull (c.10,000 bce) 
-Clay Tablets from the Library of Assurbanipal (7th century bce) 
-Avicenna’s Tomb in Hamadan, Iran (1037) 
-A Plague Doctor Mask (17th century) 
-John Snow’s Cholera Map (1854) 
-The Snellen Chart for Eye Tests (1862) 
-Alexander Flemming’s Petri Dish (1928) 
-A Red ribbon for AIDs awareness (1991).

The author

Gill Paul studied Medicine at Glasgow University in Scotland and now works as an author specializing in health and historical fiction and non-fiction. Her health books include the Eat Yourself series on nutrition, four Pilates books written with Alan Herdman, and TV tie-ins to the series Food Hospital and Biggest Loser. Her next novel, The Secret Wife, set in Russia in 1918, will be published in September 2016.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780857625113
Size: 6.693 in x 8.937 in / 170 mm x 227 mm