Daily Sex Bible

Inspirations and Techniques for the Best Year of Sex Ever

Daily Sex Bible
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Format: Paperback / softback, 440 Pages
ISBN: 9781592334476
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Daily Sex Bible brings excitement back to the bedroom with daily activities for seduction, foreplay, and intercourse. Whether you're in the mood for acrobatic positions, toe-tingling oral sex, or sensual foreplay this guide gives hundreds of options, such as:

January 17th: Baby, it's Cold Outside—Light a fire, buy a fluffy rug or blanket, and warm up your partner by giving them a naked massage.

July 4th: Create Your Own Fireworks—Go to an old-time drive-in movie theater and make your partner feel like a teenager again by giving them a hand-job in the front seat.

Sept 2nd: Labor Day—The "Up, Down, and Sideways" position is a lot of work but you won't mind with the simultaneous hot spot stimulation it gives you and him.

The author

Susan Crain Bakos, dubbed "our most peripatetic sex journalist" by Publishers Weekly, has interviewed thousands of men and women about their sexual behavior and attitudes. She is the author of The Sex Bible, and has also written numerous magazine articles for publications such as Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Men's Health, and Penthouse. She lives in New York City.
Visit her blog at www.sexyprime.typepad.com

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Format: Paperback / softback, 440 Pages
ISBN: 9781592334476
Illustrations: 80
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