1,000 Artist Journal Pages

1,000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol

Personal Pages and Inspirations

Format: Trade Paperback , 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781592534128
Publisher: Quarry Books
Series: 1000 Series
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Over 1,000 journal pages presented in one beautiful full-color book

Journals offer their makers a safe place to dream, doodle, rant, and reinvent themselves. They offer viewers rich, visual inspiration. There is a fascination with these revealing and often beautiful pages of self-exploration and personal expression. Journals offer a tantalizing, voyeuristic view of an interior life. Journaling has seeped into popular culture in a big way and this collection provides a wide array of ideas, techniques and themes to inspire and inform mixed media and journaling enthusiasts.

This is the first book to offer examples of over 1000 journal pages in one eye-catching, visual format. Artists can embrace and experiment with this medium and will benefit from this rich collection.


Dawn DeVries Sokol (Tempe, AZ ) worked her way from designing newspapers to art directing magazines. From her studio she now designs books for publishers across the U.S. while playing in her art journals, crocheting and soldering.
Format: Trade Paperback , 320 Pages
ISBN: 9781592534128
Series: 1000 Series
Illustrations: 1000 illustrations.
Size: 9.31 in x 9.25 in / 236 mm x 235 mm
"In hundreds of illustrations, this visual diary captures journal pages designed by artists from all over the world. Both intimate and experimental, it's a pleasure to flick through and stunning in its diversity." - Bespoke Magazine