Secret Life of a Tiger

Secret Life of a Tiger
Format: Juvenile - Hardcover, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781682971543
Publisher: words & pictures
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Tiger says he is a cat with simple pleasures. He likes to spend his days wandering about, chatting with friends and having a little snack. And despite the gossip concerning his ferocious appetite, he's a modest creature. It’s only at night that his surprising - and heart-warming - hobbies come to light. The Secret Life of a Tiger is a wonderfully funny and irreverent picture book that reminds us that sometimes animals (and people) behave in unexpected ways.

The author

Przemyslaw Wechterowicz, Polish author of children's picture books, poetry and theatre plays. He has published 27 titles, and his works have been translated into English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean. His books have received prestigious awards in Poland and abroad (such as Warsaw Book Award, “White ravens” for four titles) and critical acclaim. He lives in Warsaw with with his wife, daughter and an elderly cat.

Emilia Dziubak is graduated of The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland. She's been distinguished with many awards in her home country of Poland.

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Format: Juvenile - Hardcover, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781682971543
Size: 10 in x 11.8 in / 254 mm x 299.72 mm
Age Range: 4-7 years