Living a balanced life

Real Living a balanced life
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Format: Hardback, 185 Pages
ISBN: 9781743361153
Publisher: Murdoch Books
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Real salutes what the world has to offer. This visually stunning, thought-provoking book is about looking around with awareness, noticing life's quiet details, and knowing that the honesty of time changes everything--from a human face, a family home, or a fragile sampler book of antique lace.

Real is about the agelessness of integrity; appreciating the imperfect; beauty, and our involvement in creating it; acceptance; ancient crafts and craftsmanship; and letting everything age with grace.

Illustrated with photographs taken by the author in 27 countries, Real affirms that we are more alike than we sometimes admit--we all have a desire for warmth and love--and that there is dignity in simple things.

A detachable fold-out poster is featured inside, which could be used to giftwrap the book or displayed on your inspiration wall.

The author

Victoria Alexander was a fashion editor for Vogue and Cosmopolitan and a freelance stylist and art director for stills, film and television commercials. She established the television production company, The Film Business, and a small boutique hotel, The Russell, in Sydney, and fought for and built The Bathers' Pavilion restaurant and cafe in Balmoral. Victoria has also completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) at the National Art School. A mother, home-making consultant, passionate traveler, photographer and cook, she's experienced living as one of six, five, four, three, two and one.

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Format: Hardback, 185 Pages
ISBN: 9781743361153
Size: 7.3 in x 10.6 in / 185.42 mm x 269.24 mm