How to Disagree: Embrace difference. Improve your actions

20 thought-provoking lessons

How to Disagree: Embrace difference. Improve your actions
Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781781319345
Series: Build+Become
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Whether it’s in the local, national or international arena, there are huge divisions both within and between political parties, and views and values fluctuate wildly across society. Nobody seems able to agree. Nobody even seems able to agree to disagree. So, what can we do?

In this book, we’ll look at how we can discuss divisive topics more effectively. We’ll examine the different modes and methods of discourse and analysis and, through examining some of the common obstacles to productive conversations, we discuss actionable ways to encourage positive, helpful debate.

The author

Adam Ferner has worked in academic philosophy in France and the UK, and in schools and youth centres around London. He’s written two books – Think Differently (2018) and Organisms and Personal Identity (2016) – and has been a regular contributor to philosophy journals and magazines including The Philosophy Magazine. Adam works at the Royal Institute of Philosophy in London.

Darren Chetty is a teacher, writer and researcher. He has published academic work on philosophy, education, racism, children’s literature and hip-hop culture.  He is a contributor to the bestselling book, The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla and published by Unbound. Darren is co-author, with Jeffrey Boakye of the forthcoming What Is Masculinity? Why Does It Matter? And Other Big Questions. Darren tweets at @rapclassroom

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Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781781319345
Illustrations: Full colour graphics
Size: 5.906 in x 8.268 in / 150 mm x 210 mm