The Horse

A natural history

The Horse A natural history
Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781782405658
Publisher: Ivy Press
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The Horse: A Natural History looks not only at the horse in the human context, but also at its own story, and at the way horses live and have lived both alongside people and independently. An initial chapter on Evolution & Development takes the reader from the tiny prehistoric Eohippus to modern-day Equus. Subsequent chapters on Anatomy & Biology and Society & Behavior offer a succinct explanation of equine anatomy, and outline the current thinking on horse behavior, incorporating information taken from the most recent research. Chapter 4, Horses & People, studies the part the horse has played in human history. Finally, a visually stunning gallery of breeds offers wonderful photographs alongside individual breed profiles. This is an essential addition to every horse enthusiasts library.

The author

Catrin Rutland is Associate Professor of Anatomy and Developmental Genetics at the University of Nottingham, UK, specializing in cardiovascular disorders and anatomy of both humans and animals. As a popular science writer and academic specializing in outreach, Rutland has written for The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent and Guardian newspapers. Previous books include The Chicken (Ivy Press, 2012) and The Horse (Ivy Press, 2018).

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Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781782405658
Size: 7.717 in x 9.252 in / 196 mm x 235 mm