The Bee

A Natural History

The  Bee
Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781782405962
Publisher: Ivy Press
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Eyes with more than 6,000 separate lenses; bodies so hairy that they attract pollen by static; the ability to communicate by dancing... bee stats are endlessly engrossing. And the bee is as important to the production of human food as any machine; without the bees to pollinate them, most of our crops would be dead in the field. So how did this furry little workaholic come to be so crucial to the planet? The Bee: A Natural History answers that question and many more, looking at bee development from 65 million years ago to today, when over 20,000 bee species have been identified and beekeeping is enjoying a surge in popularity. Exploring evolution, anatomy, society, behaviour, and the human factor, and presenting a visual directory of 40 bee breeds alongside practical fact panels, this is the book that will become a buzz word for every keeper, student, or lover of bees.

The author

Noah Wilson-Rich is the author of fourteen scientific publications, a full-time faculty member in the Biology Department of Simmons College, Boston, and the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Best Bees Company. In 2012, he gave the number one TED talk on bees, “Every City Needs Healthy Bees,” which went viral online with over a quarter of a million views within a few months. Noah founded Best Bees Company in his Boston apartment while studying for his PhD at Tufts University. Best Bees supplies gardeners and other interested parties in the Boston area with beehives and the resources, materials, and consultation for their upkeep. This service funds research into bee disease, immune function, and health. Noah opened the world’s first urban beekeeping laboratory at the Best Bees headquarters, a hub for global research to make bees healthier and the human environment more sustainable. 

Norman Carreck has kept bees for nearly forty years, and spent the last twenty five years as a bee research scientist. He has lectured about bees on all continents where bees are kept, written many scientific papers, book chapters, conference contributions and popular articles. Norman is Science Director of the International Bee Research Association.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781782405962
Illustrations: Full colour throughout
Size: 7.717 in x 9.252 in / 196 mm x 235 mm