Spiders of the World

A Guide to Every Family

Spiders of the World
Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781782407508
Publisher: Ivy Press
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Bark spiders spin webs ten times stronger than Kevlar. Jumping spiders are capable of learning, recognizing, and remembering colors. Recluse spiders can tolerate six months of extreme drought and have a toxin-laden bite that can necessitate skin grafts. This title explores the huge diversity of spider species and their fascinating traits. An introduction outlining the spider’s natural history is followed by 110 illustrated profiles spanning the majority of taxonomic spider families. Photographs of species from each family are shown, along with silhouettes of life-size views. Population distribution maps, tables of essential information, and commentaries revealing notable characteristics is included. The spider family profiles are also organized thematically, and the commentaries in each chapter reflect different aspects of a spider’s biology.

The author

Author Norman I. Platnick is Peter J. Solomon Family Curator Emeritus of Spiders at the American Museum of Natural History where he curates the world’s largest collection 
of spiders. A Ph.D recipient from Harvard University, Platnick has described over 1,800 species of spiders, making him the second most prolific arachnologist in history. He originated the World Spider Catalog; a fully accessible database of the 45,000 species, a resource that is unmatched for any other group of organisms. Platnick is recognised as a world leader in spider taxonomy. 

Expert contributors include: 
Rudy Jocqué, Head of Invertebrates at the Royal Museum for Central Africa  
Gustavo Hormiga, Professor of Biology at George Washington University 
Robert Raven, Senior Curator at Queensland Museum Martín J. Ramírez, CONICET

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Format: Hardback, 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781782407508
Size: 6.614 in x 9.449 in / 168 mm x 240 mm