Quantum Theory: A Crash Course

Quantum Theory: A Crash Course
Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781782408710
Publisher: Ivy Press
Series: Crash Course
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Quantum Theory: A Crash Course teaches you everything you need to know about this complex science, breaking it down into 52 digestible topics.

Part of the Crash Course series, the book is divided into four chapters, covering various aspects of the theory:
  • Its foundations and principles
  • Its probabalistic nature and concepts
  • The wide range of scientific interpretations
  • Its practical applications in our lives
Each chapter contains an overview, timeline and four biographies, followed by thirteen illustrated topics, each broken down into microscopic chunks. ‘The Main Concept’ explains the main concept of the subject, while ‘Drill-Down’ provides further detail or a different angle to enhance understanding. Finally, ‘Matter’ provides a fascinating or unusual fact. This is the perfect crash course for budding quantum theorists.

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The author

Brian Clegg read Natural Sciences, focusing on experimental physics, at Cambridge University. He has written for numerous publications including Nature, the Times, the Wall Street Journal, and has lectured at Oxford and Cambridge universities and the Royal Institution. He is editor of the book review site www.popularscience.co.uk, and his publications include A Brief History of Infinity and How to Build a Time Machine.

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Format: Hardback, 160 Pages
ISBN: 9781782408710
Illustrations: 70
Size: 7.087 in x 9.055 in / 180 mm x 230 mm