Bluffer's Guide to Maths

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Bluffer's Guide to Maths
Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781785216831
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Written by experts and offering readers the opportunity to pass off appropriated knowledge as their own, the Bluffer's Guides provide hard fact masquerading as frivolous observation in one witty, easy read. The Bluffer's Guide to Maths shows you how to solve imponderable problems such as dividing a dinner bill into seven and to how to explain the world’s greatest mathematical conundrums in three easy pieces.

The author

Rob Ainsley enrolled in the University of Life at the start of the 1960 academic year. He is currently heading for a third. He read maths at Oxford and his tutors had to admit they were surprised when he passed his finals in 1982. Most of them thought he’d been studying something else. He grew up in Hull and is a regular contributor to Cycle (CTC magazine) and Cycling Plus, wrote the guidebook 50 Quirky Bike Rides (Eye Books) and is a cycling blogger ( and Twitterer (@realcycling).

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Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781785216831
Size: 4.4 in x 7 in / 111.76 mm x 177.8 mm