British Infantryman Operations Manual

The British and Commonwealth soldier 1939-1945 (all models) - An insight into the weapons, uniform, accoutrements, equipment and tactics of the Second World War British infantryman

British Infantryman Operations Manual
Format: Hardback, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9781785217203
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British soldiers, with their old-fashioned helmets, spring-powered PIAT anti-tank guns and veneration of heroic defeats, may have lost the propaganda war – to be fair, the cut of a British Army battledress blouse probably did that on Day One – but their record speaks for itself. They may have started badly in France and the Far East. but they were victorious in the North African desert, in Europe and in India and Burma where the ‘Forgotten Army’ first held the Japanese and then inflicted at Imphal and Kohima the greatest loss to the Japanese on land. 

The author

Jonathan Falconer is the author of more than 35 books on aspects of aviation and military history, including the Haynes Handley Page Halifax Manual, Short Stirling Manual, D-Day Operations Manual, and co-author (with Brian Rivas) of the de Havilland Mosquito Manual.  He was commissioning editor of the 14-volume Battle Zone Normandy series in 2004 for Sutton Publishing, and is now a senior commissioning editor with Haynes. He lives in Wiltshire.

Simon Forty was educated at Sedbergh School and London University's School of Slavonic and East European Studies. He has been involved in book publishing for over three decades and specializes in military history, having written and contributed to a large number of titles. Simon lives in Devon, England.

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Format: Hardback, 176 Pages
ISBN: 9781785217203
Illustrations: 275 color & b-w photos
Size: 8.3 in x 10.6 in / 210.82 mm x 269.24 mm