The Walkabout Orchestra

Postcards from around the world

The Walkabout Orchestra
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Format: Hardback, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781786030795
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The orchestra have an important concert to play… but all the musicians have gone walkabout! Can you help the Maestro and his faithful assistant to track them down using clues from their postcards? Take a trip from Reykjavik to Rio, through Greek islands, Venetian canals and Egyptian pyramids in this search-and-find tour of the world and learn all the instruments of the orchestra as you work your way through this spotting extravaganza.

The author

CHLOÉ PERARNAU graduated in Illustration at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, in 2012. In 2013, she created the fanzine Cuistax, along with Fanny Dreyer and other authors / illustrators based in Brussels. The Walkabout Orchestra is her first book. 

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Format: Hardback, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781786030795
Size: 10 in x 11.811 in / 254 mm x 300 mm