Older dog? No worries!

Maintaining physical, mental and emotional well-being in your golden oldie

Older dog? No worries!
Format: Paperback / softback, 72 Pages
ISBN: 9781787113664
Publisher: Hubble & Hattie
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If you're lucky, your dog is an older dog and you have shared many happy years with them by your side. As they grow older, dogs’ needs change, and they may not be as mentally, physically, or emotionally robust as they once were. Older dogs are a joy and a privilege to care for, with opportunities to further strengthen your relationship as you adapt to their changing needs. Older dog? No worries!, part of the No Worries! series, encourages you to consider your dog’s individuality, and adapt or introduce activities that help maintain their mental agility, emotional resilience, and physical health. Drawing upon the latest research to provide ideas for maximising your dog’s well-being as they age, the individual chapters allow you to develop your own care plan for your dog, to incorporate new or amended ideas into your daily routine, and to make simple changes to your home, garden, car, and walks, to ensure your older dog is happy, safe, and invigorated.

The author

Sian Ryan is an MSc-qualified dog trainer whose aim is to maximize quality of life for all dogs. She contributes to national media as a dog training expert, and her previous book No Walks? No Worries! (2014) is an essential guide for owners with dogs on restricted activity. Sian is also training and behavior expert for BBC programs including Me and My Dog with Chris Packham. Sian owns and runs Developing Dogs in Cambridgeshire, and gives seminars and workshops across the country, developing interactions which enable dogs and owners to make the most of their unique relationship.

Reader reviews


Format: Paperback / softback, 72 Pages
ISBN: 9781787113664
Illustrations: 89 color & b-w photos
Size: 8.07 in x 8.07 in / 204.98 mm x 204.98 mm

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