How to Restore Reliant Regal

Your Step-by-Step Colour Illustrated Guide to Body,Trim & Mechanical Restoration

How to Restore Reliant Regal
Format: Paperback / softback, 216 Pages
ISBN: 9781845840044
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This book offers a guide in how to find a suitable Reliant Regal 3/25 or 3/30 for restoration. It then proceeds with a fully illustrated step-by-step guide on how to dismantle a Reliant Regal, and then fully restore the body, chassis, electrics and engine back into showroom condition. Full of hints and tips, this book is a must have for the novice or experienced restorer.

The author

Elvis Payne has been a Reliant enthusiast since 1990 when he purchased his first Reliant car. Over the years, in addition to researching the company, he has assisted numerous media resources (TV, radio, magazine, books and newspapers) with Reliant related information, and was also instrumental in planning a blue heritage plaque to mark the birthplace of Reliant in Tamworth. Elvis has written a number of books on Reliant and its various models and co-founded the Reliant Motor Club in 2016, for which he is currently the Chairman and Historian.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 216 Pages
ISBN: 9781845840044
Illustrations: B&W Ill: 9 - Color Ill: 831
Size: 8 in x 10.5 in x 0.563 in / 203.2 mm x 266.7 mm x 14.288 mm

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