The Five Misfits

The  Five Misfits
Format: Hardback, 40 Pages
ISBN: 9781847806376
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Five misfits – one holey, one folded up like an envelope, one floppy and boneless, one topsey-turvey, and one that can only be described as a total catastrophe – are perfectly content living in their ramshackle house until one day Mr Perfect, replete with bright pink knickerbockers and fluorescent hair, arrives to inform the happy-go-lucky crew that their lives are "completely worthless". Initially dejected and depressed, each character uses their own special talent to turn the criticism on its head. This quirky and allegorical picture book is filled with humorous and poignant moments, brought to life beautiful contemporary artwork from one of Europe's best-loved talents.

The author

Beatrice Alemagna was born in Bologna, Italy in 1973. When she was a child her biggest heroes were Pippi Longstocking, Marcovaldo, Karlsson on the roof, Silvester, and Meffi. At age 8, she decided that, whatever the cost, when she grew up she would become a painter and a writer of novels. Her picture books have won multiple awards including the Landerneau Prize in France for Un Grand Jour De Rien, and she has been selected four times for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Her books include A Lion in Paris (Tate Publishing, 2014), The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy (Enchanted Lion Books, 2015), and What is a Child? (Tate Publishing, 2016). Beatrice lives in Paris, France. 

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Format: Hardback, 40 Pages
ISBN: 9781847806376
Size: 8.622 in x 12.402 in / 219 mm x 315 mm
Age Range: 2-5 years