Autocourse 2012-2013

The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual

Autocourse 2012-2013  The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual
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Format: Hardback, 360 Pages
ISBN: 9781905334773
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“Among motor racing people, Autocourse is the book everyone looks forward to at the end of the year… It is also very significant that many prestige advertisers regard Autocourse as one of the essentials, and their presence undoubtedly adds to the stature of the book.”
Sir Jackie Stewart

AUTOCOURSE sustains its reputation for providing its readers with the most comprehensive and insightful analysis
of this complex and intriguing sport, both on and off the circuit.

For over sixty years, it has covered the Formula 1 Grand Prix World Championship with complete round by round
coverage. Editor Simon Arron travels to every one of the twenty rounds to give first-hand coverage of the
championship in his unique and witty style. The vastly experienced Alan Henry adds an insightful commentary to
each race focusing on the hot topic of debate that inevitably surfaces around each race.

Other features include the much-debated Top Ten Drivers, in which the editor assesses the performances of the drivers
throughout the year and ranks their efforts on the basis of their performances taking into account the machinery at
their disposal throughout the 2012 season.

No writer is better placed than Mark Hughes to handle the Formula 1 Team-By-Team Review. His in-depth analysis
reveals the reasons for the successes and failures of each of the twelve Grand Prix teams as they battled for

Special features for the 2012 season will include a celebration of Williams Grand Prix Engineering, marking their 35
years as a manufacturer that has included seven world driver championships.

The F1 editorial content is supported by wide ranging reviews of all the important international categories including
the GP2 and GP3 feeder series, Formula 3, Le Mans and Sports and GT cars, Touring Cars, and the United States
scene, where Scotland’s Dario Franchitti took his third victory in the Indianapolis 500, and new-look Indy Cars began
to rebrand the image of single-seat racing in the USA.

The book is completed by, easily the most comprehensive results round-up to be found in any one volume.

The author

Simon Arron has been infatuated with cars since before he could walk and has written about them for more than 20 years. A former editor of Motor Sport, he turned freelance in 1997 and contributes regularly to publications all around the world, including The Daily Telegraph and Motorsport News.

Alan Henry is one of the most respected F1 journalists, and has built up good relationships with most of the sport’s leading personalities over the years. He is currently Grand Prix Editor for Autocar and regular Formula 1 columnist for The Guardian. His numerous books include a good number over the years for Haynes, including Jenson Button: A World Champion's Story and co-authorship of Stirling Moss: All My Races.

Mark Hughes is one of the most highly respected and authoritative writers in contemporary motorsport. He combines an acute understanding of present-day Formula One with an intuitive feel for the past. His work appears in a wide variety of magazines, including the UK's Autosport.

Reader reviews


Format: Hardback, 360 Pages
ISBN: 9781905334773
Illustrations: 400+
Size: 9 in x 12.3 in x 1.125 in / 228.6 mm x 312.42 mm x 28.575 mm

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