Interior Transformations

Interior Transformations
Format: Trade Paperback , 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781906417123
Publisher: Jacqui Small
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We have never demanded so much from our homes. Not only must they satisfy the myriad practical needs of modern life, we also want them to express our tastes and personal style. Paint and fabrics do not simply cover and protect, they must evoke the right atmosphere, creating a feeling of relaxation, vibrancy or comfort.

Turning these aspirations into reality can involve a multitude of alterations, large and small, from rethinking a space to re-covering a chair. In this book Ann Grafton provides the design skills, decorating ideas and confidence needed to make these changes. Drawing on her expertise she has developed as Creative Director of the Colefax Group, she shows how to transform our interiors so they live up to all our expectations.

She begins by discussing the vital decisions that need to be made about space, light, colour, surfaces, fabrics and furniture; looking not just at different materials and techniques but at the effects they create. She then applies these lessons to every area of the home, from hallways to bathrooms, and explains how to create a range of fresh and achievable interior styles. In the final part of the book she offers clever ideas for revitalising rooms without the need for a complete redesign.

Throughout Interior Transformations Ann Grafton imparts her realism and common sense for choosing and using decorative materials, and offers valuable advice on planning and budgeting.

Complementing the text are specially commissioned photographs that illustrate a wide range of decorative effects and alternative interior schemes. Themed palettes help in the selection of colours and fabrics.

All these features, plus an extensive list of suppliers, make this a superb resource for anyone who wants to ring the changes in their home.

The author

Ann Grafton is Managing Director and Head of Design of the G P & J Baker Group, with responsibility for G P & J Baker, Partertex and Lee Jofa UK. She has more than than 20 years' experience in the interior design industry. She began her career with a leading high street retailer, working within the home furnishing division, which had responsibility for 120 stores, before she joined Colefax & Fowler in 1985. Combining an instinctive design sense with an acute awareness of her customer's needs, she has developed a range of stylish and practical fabrics that are ideally suited to modern living In 1995, under her direction, the Jane Churchill company won the Queen's Award to Industry for Export. Anne Grafton is married with two children.

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Format: Trade Paperback , 192 Pages
ISBN: 9781906417123