Steamy Sex

The Sex Doctor's Guide to Keeping it Hot

Steamy Sex The Sex Doctor's Guide to Keeping it Hot
ISBN: 9781907532672
Publisher: JR Books
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Sex and relationship expert, agony aunt and bestselling author Dr Pam Spurr's new book dares to answer the questions that everyone wants to know. Whether in a sexual relationship - or enjoying sex as a single - this guide will help you improve your sex life! In her usual fun, straight-forward, accessible style, Dr Pam provides countless steamy suggestions and strategies to turn up the heat in the bedroom as well as answering the most frequently asked questions on sex that come through her columns, radio broadcasts, and interviews.

With this unique and vibrant book, based on real-life stories and experiences, Dr Pam provides you with essential understanding of sex, plus guidance on tricks and techniques for him, and for her, and communication, sexual confidence and relationship-boosting advice. Her guide also explores the quirks and kinks of sex, and reveals how we can incorporate great sex into our daily lives despite our hectic pace of living.

Steamy Sex includes:

*Fantastic foreplay tips plus strategies to kick-start a flagging sex life.
*All the info you need about what effects and enhances your sexual desire and arousal.
*Lots of steamy strategies to help a woman be orgasmic.
*Packed with quirky and kinky techniques, to sensual and subtle ones.
*The very best, cherry-picked oral sex and fingertip foreplay techniques.
* Crucial advice for enjoying your sexual fantasies.
*A selection of sex positions guaranteed to give pleasure.
*Countless communication techniques to help you get what you want in the bedroom.
* Plus real, `do-able' strategies to strengthen your relationship generally to improve sex specifically.

Steamy Sex has something for everyone whether part of a couple or single.

Dr Pam is a well-known media agony aunt, award-winning radio presenter, relationship, sex and behaviour expert, and life coach. Pam is the author of more than 11 self-help books and has appeared on countless programmes like Loose Women, LK Today, This Morning, and The Wright Stuff. Many summers she's been a resident behaviour expert on Big Brother's Little Brother.

She has magazine and internet columns through which she's advised millions of people including Sex Confidential in Love It! magazine, and a weekly sex and relationship column on Four of her recent books - Sensational Sex, Sinful Sex, Fabulous Foreplay, and Sizzling Sex - have been best sellers; the first two being No. 1 best sellers. Her latest book is How to Be a Happy Human published April, 2010. Dr Pam can be heard on radio weekly as a freelance contributor and has a weekly 'agony' slot on Dublin Newstalk radio. She writes features on a weekly basis for national newspapers. Though having her Ph.D. in psychology Dr Pam's worked as a life coach since 2000 and as an expert wearing different "hats" in the media for many years. Her website is .

The author

Dr Pam is a well known `love and sex doc', solutions coach, agony aunt, broadcaster and writer who has advised millions of people through radio, television, newspaper and magazine columns, and the internet. She's written a number of self-help books including Fabulous Foreplay, Sinful Sex and Sensational Sex - number one best sellers.

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ISBN: 9781907532672