The Modern Cocktail

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The Modern Cocktail
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Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781911127239
Publisher: Jacqui Small
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Matt Whiley, AKA The Talented Mr Fox, traces the evolution of the modern bartender against the backdrop of cocktail history with this stylish cocktail recipe book. With more than 60 recipes made from spirit bases including gin, vodka, whiskey, bourbon and cognac, alongside expert advice on equipment and glassware, this is the complete kit to modern cocktail making at home! Learn to make delicious and original cocktails such as the Bangkok Penicillin or the Marmite Martini, Pea Wine or the Rok House Bellini Fermented Cucumber Syrup. From highly acclaimed mixologist and drinks consultant Matt Whiley, this unique cocktail recipe book is the perfect inspiration for creating your own modern drinks cabinet and the perfect how to guide to making delicious and highly creative cocktails from scratch.

The author

The Talented Mr Fox is the brainchild of the highly acclaimed Matt Whiley, who is a mixologist and drinks consultant advising advises clients on every aspect of designing, running and managing a bar. He also creates his own spirits, cordials, syrups, bitters and cocktails.
Matt's achievements and reputation have led him to be named in The Evening Standard's 'The Progress 1000' which lists the top 1000 most influential Londoners. His groundbreaking work has impacted the cocktail industry globally, having co-founded Fluid Movement and five award winning bars across London (Purl, Worship Street Whistling Shop, Talented Mr Fox & Peg + Patriot) He is also the founder of boutique liquor brand Moonshine Kid and distils his own Dog’s Nose Hop Gin. His new bar, Scout, opened in Shoreditch in April 2017. 
Recently he created and coordinated a groundbreaking Line Up Bartender Edition cocktail-and-food matching event at The Typing Room in London’s East End. Matt is a drinks consultant to, among others, Fera at Claridges, Restaurant Story, Hoppers, Shotgun BBQ, The Marksman, Yosma, Bone Daddies Group, Rök Smokehouse, Straight & Narrow and Bird of Smithfield. He has also done product development work for Highland Park Whisky, Facebook, ITV, Converse and British Airways.
The Peg + Patriot bar has been nominated as the most creative bar in the 2016 Time Out Bar Awards and was in Time Out’s top 10 Bars in London in 2015.

Reader reviews


Format: Hardback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781911127239
Size: 7.52 in x 9.843 in / 191 mm x 250 mm

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