The Nude Nutritionist

Stop Obsessing About Food and Never Diet Again

The Nude Nutritionist
Format: Paperback / softback, 232 Pages
ISBN: 9781911632009
Publisher: Murdoch Books
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Typically women spend 17 years of their lives dieting, leading to obsessing over food, binge eating and food guilt when we fail to meet our weight goals. So if you: eat healthily all week but over-eat at the weekend, sometimes find it hard to stop eating (and then go to bed feeling guilty), lose weight but always end up regaining it, feel in control in every other part of your life, except food, then Lyndi Cohen’s The Nude Nutritionist: Stop Obsessing About Food and Never Diet Again is the book for you.

Lyndi Cohen used to be a compulsive yo-yo dieter and emotional eater herself and struggled with clinical anxiety for years. When Lyndi stopped dieting and healed her relationship with food, she lost 20kg in the process. Today, Lyndi is a breath of fresh air on social media giving a ‘nude’ view of what life is truly like rather than the perfect Instagram shot. Her reality vs posed photographs always receive an overwhelming response from girls and women who are fed up of fake photographs that only promote negative body image and a bad relationship with food in the process.

The Nude Nutritionist adopts Lyndi’s refreshing approach to food and body image to teach you how to stop struggling with your weight and eat intuitively. Lyndi strips back complicated nutrition advice to teach you how to live healthily without constantly thinking about food. With over 50 easy recipes, you'll be inspired to eat well to boost your mood and balance your hormones, so that you'll feel lighter and more energetic every day. Lyndi’s delicious recipes cover breakfast (post-bender booster green juice and Sunday morning eggs), Main Meals (maple soy sriracha one-tray salmon and veggie-full beef Bolognese), Salads, veggies, dips and sauces (baked pumpkin with feta and garlicky Parmesan mushrooms), and Desserts (chocolate banana bread and salted peanut butter chocolate ‘brownies’).

So if you want to put yourself on the path to healthier relationship with food, pick up a copy of The Nude Nutritionist and let’s get started.

The author

Lyndi Cohen is the resident nutritionist on Channel 9's The Today Show in Australia, a Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassador and an accredited, practicing dietitian and nutritionist. As one of Australia's most popular nutritionists and dietitians, Lyndi knows first-hand how confusing nutrition can be and she is a refreshing light in the dark world of body image and social media perfection. Lyndi writes for The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post UK, and Yahoo UK. Her eye-opening feature with Glamour UK where Lyndi asked her followers to photoshop her ‘beautiful’ ran earlier this year.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 232 Pages
ISBN: 9781911632009
Illustrations: color photos throughout
Size: 7.95 in x 10 in / 201.93 mm x 254 mm