How to get a good Job after 50

A step-by-step guide to job search success

How to get a good Job after 50
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Format: Paperback / softback, 304 Pages
ISBN: 9781921966644
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Many baby boomers are seeking to stay in the workforce longer and are looking for satisfying, fulfilling jobs. This book is a step- by-step guide to finding and winning the sort of job most likely to give job satisfaction and success. It sets out how older workers are often valued in the workplace because of their experience, skills, reliability and sense of responsibility before going on to show how to demonstrate these qualities to prospective employers.

It encourages people to adopt a pro-active, ‘self-employed' approach, building self- esteem and promoting a time-efficient, self-managed job search program, and explains the importance of:

- concentrating on no more than two or three job leads at any one time

- using proven marketing techniques to win good jobs

- writing resumes that grab the employer's interest in the first few sentences

- finding jobs before they are advertised

- building an effective job search network

- using social media to support the job search

- maintaining a positive self-image-

effective preparation for the job interview.

Specimen resumes are included in the book and are available for download as templates from the linked website. Job seekers can almost guarantee getting a good job quickly if they follow the author's recipe for success!

The author

Rupert French has been actively involved in helping job seekers for almost 40 years. In that time he has developed and delivered highly successful job-search training and coaching programs. He has also presented on effective job search methodology at numerous career conferences, both national and international. This revised edition of How to Get a Good Job After 50 is his fourth book on successful job searching. Together with his experience as an employment counsellor and job search trainer, he brings skills developed in previous careers in journalism and teaching to clearly guide his readers through the often confusing and daunting process of finding work. Experience in a diverse range of other occupations — including having crewed on a square-rigged sailing ship — has provided him with a good understanding of a variety of different careers and helped him ensure that his methodology caters for all.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 304 Pages
ISBN: 9781921966644
Size: 5.9 in x 9.2 in x 0.875 in / 149.86 mm x 233.68 mm x 22.225 mm