Patch and Ruby

Patch and Ruby
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Illustrated by:
Format: Hardback, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781925335224
Publisher: EK Books
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Patch the pony is lonely. He spends time with everyone on the farm; from Ernie and Edith the friendly mice, to Beryl and her gossiping hens, even Lily and the ladybirds who look after the veggie garden. He especially loves time with his owner and special girl, Sam. But they all have families, or school, or other things Patch can’t join in with, leaving him feeling like he doesn’t quite fit in.

Will Patch the lonely pony ever feel at home? See what happens when Sam has an idea and does something that changes Patch’s life forever! Life on the farm will never be the same again.

Patch and Ruby is beautifully illustrated, with vibrant colours and gorgeous depictions of Patch and his friends. The story is meaningful, at times heart-warmingly funny, and ultimately about friendship and finding out where you belong.

The author

Anouska Jones is a publisher, editor, book reviewer and writer. She is the Publisher for Exisle Publishing and EK Books, and is the Senior Editor of children’s literature website Kids’ Book Review. She lives on her rural property with her husband and daughter, three horses, eight chickens, three ducks, two dogs, one cat and one budgie.

Gwynneth Jones drew all through her maths book at school, so left to study art at TAFE and then majored in Plant and Wildlife Illustration at the University of Newcastle. Since then, Gwynneth has been imagining and drawing madly, exhibiting and holding market stalls, and creating picture books. As well as full-time art making, Gwynneth is also studying to be an art therapist.

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Format: Hardback, 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781925335224
Size: 10 in x 9.5 in x 0.374 in / 254 mm x 241.3 mm x 9.5 mm
Age Range: 4-8 years