Sleep Sense

Improve your sleep, improve your health

Sleep Sense Improve your sleep, improve your health
Format: Trade Paperback , 240 Pages
ISBN: 9781925335736
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Sleep is fundamental to our health and well being. In Sleep Sense, international sleep expert Dr. Katharina Lederle draws on the latest research to explore how sleep is connected to each of the three pillars of successful living: physical health, cognitive performance, and emotional well-being. And since the three pillars are interconnected, if one is weakened, our overall health can easily be undermined.
The first part of the book takes readers on a tour of the most essential information for understanding sleep. How and where it is generated and regulated; why light is so important for sleep, and how sleep differs between the genders. It also touches briefly upon dreaming, highlighting that it is normal to dream and perhaps useful to reflect a little on what we dream about.
The second part of the book looks in detail at how sleep affects each of the three pillars, explains sleep disorders, and sets out a ‘menu’ of healthy sleep options from which readers can choose in order to establish healthy sleep habits that best fit their life. The result is a book that both informs and educates as it sets out clear guidelines and practical advice on how you can achieve improved health through improved sleep.

The author

Dr. Katharina Lederle gained her MSc in Biosciences at Ruprecht-Karls University, Germany, followed by a PhD in Human Circadian Physiology & Behaviour (the human body clock) at the University of Surrey, UK. Her PhD looked at the effects of light on human sleeping patterns, specifically in the elderly. She has advised national and international airlines, emergency helicopter services, petrochemical companies and mineworkers all around the world on the issue of fatigue and sleep deprivation. Katharina splits her time between providing educational talks to organisations and universities, and consulting for The Sleep School (co-founded by international sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows) as a consultant human sleep and fatigue specialist. Katharina is trained in Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, which she uses in her work with insomnia clients. She runs workshops and offers one-to-one sessions helping people to improve their sleep and live their lives to the full. 

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Format: Trade Paperback , 240 Pages
ISBN: 9781925335736
Size: 6 in x 9 in / 152.4 mm x 228.6 mm