1961-2021 The beauty of innovation

BREMBO 60 1961-2021 The beauty of innovation
Format: Hardback, 260 Pages
ISBN: 9788879118460
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Brembo, a leader in the development and production of high performance braking systems is turning 60. Over the decades, the principal mission of the Italian company has been to brake to best effect the greats on two and four wheels as well as daily users of private cars and motorcycles.

The history, evolution and on-going success of this prestigious Italian company are the themes of this official book, which opens with a preface by the Brembo chairman, Alberto Bombassei. The book reviews the diverse facets of the “Brembo universe”: from its commitments in the automotive, motorcycling and motorsport fields to its attention to all aspects of design, always one of Brembo’s strong suits, from the progressive internationalization of the company through to the particularly topical aspects of sustainable production.

The contributions of the six principal authors - Vincenzo Borgomeo, Massimo Clarke, Gaetano Cocco, Patrizia Giangualano, Lorenzo Ramaciotti and Umberto Zapelloni – are complemented by a similar number of testimonies from figures from within the company and those who worked there at length. The Brembo “phenomenon” is also presented through a wealth of fascinating photographs, mostly drawn from the company archives, which document the unique story of a manufacturing company born in Italy and now a true icon of Italian excellence throughout the world.

The author

After having worked at length in industry, Massimo Clarke has devoted himself to journalism, specialising in the technology and history of cars and motorcycles. In the 1990s, he directed the automotive magazines Autotecnica and Mototecnica. He currently writes for the weekly Motosprint, one of the most important Italian motorcycling magazines, and for some important motorcycling websites. He teaches at various levels and has written a number of books on automotive subjects, including High performance two-stroke engines (2018), Giorgio Nada Editore.

Mechanical engineer Gaetano Cocco is a consultant and senior expert for Innovation and New Product Development. He has worked for Alfa Romeo, Aprilia, Ducati Motor, BMW Group and Husqvarna Motorcycles

A graduate in mechanical engineering, Lorenzo Ramaciotti was director general of Pininfarina's Studies and Research sector for about 20 years. Cars like the Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari 550 Maranello, 360 Modena, F430, Scaglietti and also the dream car Enzo were all born under his management. Today he is responsible for the style of the entire Fiat Group Automobiles.

Reader reviews


Format: Hardback, 260 Pages
ISBN: 9788879118460
Illustrations: 300 color & b-w photos
Size: 11 in x 11.8 in / 279.4 mm x 299.72 mm

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