Download the How to Code robots to use as sprites in Scratch!
1. Click on your chosen robot below – the robot will appear in a new window. Right-click (if using a Mac, press 'Control' and click) and choose 'Save image as…'.

2. Click the 'OK' or 'Save' button and save the robot to your desktop.

3. Go to the Scratch website – . Then click 'Create' or 'Try it out'.

4. Click the 'Upload sprite from file' button (folder icon, see image below).

sprite menu bar
5. Browse to the robot file you downloaded.

6. Click 'OK' or 'Open'. The robot is ready to be a sprite!

Robot 1 Robot 2 Robot 3 Robot 4 Robot 5
Robot 6 Robot 7 Robot 8 Robot 9 Robot 10
Robot 11 Robot 12 Robot 13 Robot 14 Robot 15